jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011

In this photo you can see the start of the conference, you can see the first slide

 In this photo you can see the progress of the conference, you can see my partner Sharon talking about Christmas

In this photo you can see the beginning of the activity related to Christmas, a memory game, with characters related to Christmas, and he is my partner Sharon

In this photo you can see my partner Itzayana, she is playing, and apparently she won

In this photo you can see my partner Edmundo, he also is playing

lunes, 22 de noviembre de 2010

" 15 New words I learned from this book"

-Dark (adj): Oscuro
E.g. The dark horse is the biggest in the state
-Dream(verb): Sueño
E.g. I had a vivid dream about my old school
-Hunter(noun): Cazador
E.g. Alexis is a greats hunter
-Believe(verb): Creer en algo
E.g. I believe his lies for years
-Mysterious(adj): Misteriosa
E.g. He died in my mysterious circunstances
-Beautiful(adj): Hermoso, Magnifico
E.g. That is a beautiful
-Wild(adj): Salvaje
E.g. The plants grow wild along the banks of rivers
-Mad(adj): Loco
E.g. They realized that he had some mad
-Alive(adj): Vivo, con vida
E.g. Doctors kept the baby alive for 6 weeks
-Blood(noun): Sangre
E.g. He lost a lot of blood in the accident
-Poor(adj): Pobre
E.g. They were too poor to buy shoes for the kids
-Murder(verb): Actop de asesinato
E.g. He denies murdering his wife´s lover
-Mind(noun): Persona inteligente
E.g. She was one of the greatest mind of her generation
-Death(noun): Muerte
E.g. The anniversary of his wife´s death
-Shadow(noun): sombra
E.g. The ship´s sail cost a shadow on the water

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image of my book

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martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

citando una imagen

esta imagen es de egipto tomada  por
  Cabos Alfonso, templo de karnak luxor egipto
fotografia tomada de Photaki banco de imagenes